Care City is labouring to build innovative healthcare communities in Africa [and the world.]

We are striving to revolutionize healthcare in Africa [and the world] through “Innovative Health Media” by creating innovative content on healthcare leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and digital health and also through designing and organizing activities that encourage innovation and leadership among healthcare professionals.

We take community and collaboration seriously because we believe that with these tools we can do more.

Care City has strong interests in Digital Heath & Health-technologies.

We know that the future of healthcare rests on the shoulders of Digital Technologies.

This strong interest gave birth to a branch of Care City, Carecode Digital Health Hub dedicated to exposing healthcare professionals to the realities of Digital Technologies.

Care City also has an arm dedicated to "Digital Marketing, Community Building & Branding for Healthcare & Health-tech Brands" —Evolve Health Media.

We desire that healthcare and health-tech brands are represented well on the internet.

This is part of our vision to see an innovative healthcare ecosystem thriving in Africa and the world.

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"Care City Weekly" is the official newsletter of Care City. 

“Care City is an online healthcare media publishing start-up committed to publishing quality, authentic, and researched-backed content on healthcare innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity, and related themes and topics.”

Care City Weekly features published articles on Care City [new and older articles] and also articles, essays, news, and reports from reliable online healthcare media publishing outlets, like The Medical Futurist, BBC Health, Times Health, and from academic journals, reputable organisations and institutions, news outlets, and other trustworthy entities.

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Care City is dedicated to building an innovative healthcare community in Africa. With a focus on healthcare leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, digital health, and health-tech.
I am an advocate of leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship & creativity. The central question that drives my work as a writer is, "How Can My Words Inspire You To Do More?"